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Press Releases
July 2015 Uniquely Engineered, Fiber Optic Reel Handling Accessories
Make Cable Deployment Safe and Productive.
May 2015 GMP Lead Sheath Cable Tools Makes Cable Installation
and Maintenance Fast, Efficient and Fully Protected.
June 2015 The Compact and Portable Whisper Cable Blower
Makes Interior or Exterior Micro Fiber Optic
Cable Installation Quick and Easy.
July 2012 Repair Facility Reconditions Worn-Out Or Damaged Cable Lashing Machines
To "Like-New" Condition, Restoring Them To Service In As Little As 10 Days
June 2012 The Air Stream Cable Blowing Machine by GMP
Installs Micro Fiber Cable into Micro Duct.
April 2012 Cable Placement System Specifically Designed For Installation of All-Dielectric/
Self-Support Cable in Tough Environmental and Electrical Conditions.
March 2012 New Toneable Duct Rodder System Accurately Locates Duct Rodder Position
or Underground Duct Blockages, Without Invasive Digging or Trenching.
December 2011 The Sidewinder Pull & Assist Winch with Controlled Force Capability Ensures
Specified Tension when Placing Fiber Optic and Other Telecommunications Cable.
October 2011 The New Ramrod, a Trailer-Mounted, Powered Duct Rod Pusher, Makes Placing
Pulling Lines or Fiber Optic Cables into New, Old or Crowded Conduits Faster and Easier.
August 2011 GMP Celebrates 75 Years of Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence as a Global Provider of Tools and Equipment for the Telecommunications, Power Utility and Cable Television Industries.
April 2011 General Machine Products' Line Of Cable Lashers Quickly and Efficiently Lash Utility and Telecom Cables
March 2011 GMP Introduces Cable Feeding Sheavesfor Smoother Feeds of Utility Cable Into Conduit
December 2010 Ken Eldred Joins General Machine Products Company as Manufacturer's Representative
June 2010 Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes Place Polyethylene
Underground Duct and Innerduct Conduit More Efficiently
March 2010 New Fiber Optic Reel-Handling Accessories Makes
Cable Placement and Storage Management More Productive
January 2010 GMP Introduces Heavy Duty Stiff Spine Conduit Cleaners With
Engineered Bristles That Clear and Clean Grimy Utility Conduits
November 2009 New Cordless Power Duct Slitter Provides a Fast, Mobile
and Convenient Way to Cut Utility Innerduct Conduit
October 2009 New Innerduct Pulling Eyes Provide a Faster, Safer
Method Of Pulling Innerduct Conduit
August 2009 New Corner Cable Blocks Safely Increase Cable Placement Production
While Maintaining Fiber Optic and Coaxial Cable Integrity
July 2009 GMP Showcases the "Tornado" Cable Blowing Machine and
other Cable Placing Equipment at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo
July 2009 GMP Showcases the "Breeze" Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine and
other Cable Placing Equipment at the 2009 FTTH Conference & Expo
July 2009 GMP Showcases the "Sidewinder" Trailer Mounted Fiber Optic Puller
and other Cable Placing Equipment at the ICUEE Demo Expo 2009
July 2009 GMP Showcases the Powered Duct Rod Pusher
and other Cable Placing Equipment at the 2009 OSP Expo
June 2009 New Sidewinder Trailer-Mounted F.O. Puller provides a Controlled Force
to Place Telecommunication Cables over Longer Distances
April 2009 Utility Manhole Cover Lifter Makes One-Person
Cover Removal and Replacement Both Easy and Safe
March 2009 New Powered Duct Rod Pusher Reduces The Physical Strain
Of Cable Placement Without Damaging Existing Cable
February 2009 New Reel Buck and Reel Caddy Provides Single-Handed
Utility Cable Reel Maneuverability in Tight Spaces
November 2008 New Line of Duct and Innerduct Blowing Accessories
Increase Cable Placement Capability and Efficiency
October 2008 GMP Introduces Customizable Continuous Duct Rodders
to Handle Every Duct Work Application
September 2008 GMP Offers Liberal "Rent-To-Own" Program for
Capital-Tool Cable Pulling, Blowing Equipment
November 2005 The "Breeze" Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine featured at the 2005 OSP Expo
July 2005 Bob Young To Head GMP's Western States Sales and Support Office
May 2004 GMP To Attend Utility Safety Conference & Expo and the Canadian Utilities Equipment and Engineering Show
March 2004 New Accessory Line Extends Utility Umbrella Capacity To Provide Protection from Sun and Weather
February 2004 The "Breeze" Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine from GMP Meets The Need for Micro Fiber Cable Installation
January 2004 GMP Receives Commendation from Bensalem Township
December 2003 New Traveling Ground Kit from GMP Provides a
Continuous Ground to Moving Aerial Lines
November 2003 CBS Cable Blowing Machines, Duct Rodders and Other Equipment Showcased at 2003 Outside Plant Expo
October 2003 GMP Features the "Breeze" Micro Fiber and Other Cable Placement Tools at World TELECOM 2003/Geneva
September 2003 GMP Partners with CBS Products, Now Offers the Breeze Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine
August 2003 New Power Utility Equipment Catalog Available from GMP
June 2003 New Model C2 Cable Lasher Provides Added
Features and Cable Lashing Capability
March 2003 Recent Trade Show Appearances by GMP
February 2003 Construction-Grade Cable Blocks from GMP
May 2002 GMP's New Multi-Angle, Self-Adjusting Cable Block Reduces Friction When Pulling Fiber Optic CABLE Around Corners
February 2002 New Free-Wheeling Aerial Cable Guides
For 2-3/4 and 4-inch Cable Bundles
January 2002 Avoid Dial-Gauge Reading Errors With
Fail-Proof Digital-Readout Pressure Gauges
November 2002 New Duct Rodders From GMP Combine High
Tensile Strength, Flexibility & Economy
September 2002 GMP Forges New Market Alliances in Latin America;
Authorizes First Lasher Repair Center Outside of U.S.
August 2002 GMP Recognized for International Trade Efforts
June 2002 Bob Young Joins GMP As Sales & Applications Engineer
March 2002 New "Lightweight" Sheaves & Shackles
Especially Designed for Fiber Optic Cable
November 2001 GMP Appoints Gustavo Padron to
Marketing Manager, Latin America
September 2001 GMP Introduces 40-Inch Hydraulically Limited Cable Puller,
Ideal for Pulling High-Filament Fiber Optic Cable
May 2015 Fiber Optic Technology Comes to the Aleut Island
People and the Crews of the ‘Deadliest Catch’
November 2012 Cameco 'Pushes' New Borehole Survey Method
A mechanized, power-utility industry tool used for driving rods through crowded
electrical conduit finds a cost-saving niche in underground exploration drilling
November 2009 GMP and Lite Access Technologies Team-Up to Bring
2010 Winter Olympic Communications to the Finish Line Faster
June 2009 Underground Congestion Clogging Your Fiber Plans
January 2009 Pinch-Hitting Squeeze in Somerfield's Starting Lineup
January 2002 Looking at the Lasher: Fifty Years of Progress
October 2001 Hydraulically Limited Cable Puller Passes 16,000-foot Cable Test
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