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The GMP Cable Pony winch offers the constant pulling tension of a double capstan drive and the flexibility of a direct drive drum in one machine.

Cable PonyThe Cable Pony winch has been designed for the overhead line (ADSS) and underground cable handling applications coupled with the constant pulling tension. The winch has grooved double bullwheels to provide superior handling of the pulling rope, while providing a constant tension capability. The pulling rope can be stored on a demountable drum reel. The drive for this drum operates independently of the bullwheels and provides a nominal back tension, which will always match the speed of the pulling rope. The winch is fitted with a semi automatic layering arm, the operator monitors the pulling rope being wound on to the take up drum making manual adjustments when necessary. The winch may also be used for light rope retrieval work where the drum reel is mounted on a bullwheel extension shaft.

cable Pony Bull Wheels
grooved double bullwheels

The power source is from a Honda GTX 390 engine, which powers a tandem hydraulic pump. This pump drives the hydraulic high torque, fixed displacement motor mounted onto the bullwheel drive gearbox. Drum overrun is controlled by the drum drive hydraulic motor and pressure relief valve. The sealed hydraulic oil tank is fitted with an inlet filler/breather, return and suction filters as well as an oil level sight glass.

Controls are operator friendly and very simple to use. A spring centered lever controls the direction of rotation of the bullwheel, while a detented lever engages the take-drum drive. A control knob is used to limit the rope/cable tension using the panel mounted tension indicator.

The rope take-up drum is removable and can be used on both the payout stand and the Cable Pony. When the winch is in the working mode the rear props are extended out of the chassis to provide greater stability.

Cable Pony Hydraulic ADSS Winch
P/N 70613


Max. Pulling Capacity
2200 lbs
(1000 kg)
Max. Rope Speed 130 ft/min (40 m/min)


103 (2616 mm)

Overall Width:

58 (1447 mm)


57 (1450 mm)


1250 lbs. (575 kg)


60 (1676 mm)
Tire Size: 175/80D13
Hitch Coupling:

Lunette Ring (Pintle Eye) (P/N 32672)
(See optional configuration below)

Lighting Adapter: 7 Pole RV Blade Type Connector (others available by request)
Power Supply: Honda GX390 13 HP, Recoil Start, Overhead Valve, Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve, 1.5 Gallon tank
Load indication: Calibrated gauge bezel
Main Drive: Open circuit with double filtration and overload protection.

Optional Hitch Configuration    

These drop-forged couplers offer spring-loaded collars which provide automatic and positive-action coupling, ensuring a snug fit onto the hitch ball. This is the only ball type coupler offered.

2" Ball Type Coupler
P/N 34365

  2" Ball Type Coupler
Optional Lighting Adaptors    

4 Pole Flat Molded (Flat 4-Way)
P/N 29696
  4 Pole Flat Molded (Flat 4-Way)
4 Pole (Round) Pin Type
P/N 34363
  4 Pole (Round) Pin Type
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