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B Sheave Support

Click on image above for a larger view of the B Sheave Support

This device is used to guide self-support cable, pre-lashed cable or ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable) through on a pole line. It is designed to be a permanent (or temporary) piece of pole line hardware that remains in plant. Save man hours by eliminating the need to use lashing wire clamps, lashed supports, spacers or cable guards and by not having to retrieve temporary frames and blocks.

• Designed primarily for straight line poles.

• Can accommodate up to 2” OD Cables with messenger.

• It is recommended for use where grade changes are between 20-50% on messenger sizes of 6 M or 6.6M or when grade changes are between 20-30% on 10M messenger or larger.

• It can be used on small corners up to 20 ft. of pull is present and there is no more than 50% of grade change.

• For upward grade changes, the sheave should be inverted

• Use appropriate Strain Relief Strap when using 10M strand or larger and when there is a downward grade change at the pole.B Sheave Support with Optional Strain Relief Strap

• Use 5/8” Through Bolt and 5/16” x 4” Lag Bolt. (When using Strain Relief Straps, use and additional 5/8” Through Bolt or a ½” x 4” Lag Screw for the Straps. Do not use a Lag Screw if closer than 4” to the top of a pole.)

B Sheave Support
P/N 79750

Weight: 6 lbs. (3 kgs)

Strand Relief Strap
P/N 79753

Weight: 12 oz. (.34 kgs)

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