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Our compact Model C2 Cable Lasher is perfect for lashing smaller diameter aerial cables to supporting strand with stainless steel lashing wire. The new design improvements make the C2 equally suited for new construction or overlashing up to its full 1-7/8 in. bundle capacity. 71422

• Lashes single or bundled cables up to 1-7/8 in. (46 mm) onto strand sizes 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. (6-10 mm) diameter.

•  New style strand lock swings out of the way for unobstructed overlashing.

•  Simple wire routing yields either "normal" or "loose" wire tension.

•  Dual wire magazines for loading two coils of stainless steel lashing wire.

•  Typical wire dimensions: 1200 ft. x .045 in. (365 m x 1.1 mm) or 1600 ft. x .038 in. (487 m x 1 mm)

• Lightweight and compact: Unloaded weight 35 lbs. (16 kgs.); only 10 in. O.D. x 18.5 in. long (25 x 47 cm). The C2's tapered housing eases passage through treed areas.

• The C2 Cable Lasher is furnished with a 6 ft. (1.6 m) bridle rope with snap hooks, an instruction manual and a rugged, lightweight storage chest.
fully serviceable to "good-as-new" specifications
• The C2 and every GMP lasher is fully serviceable to "good-as-new" specifications at our factory and at factory-trained service locations around the globe.

• Like all GMP lashers, the C2 is built to last for many years of service. Components are CNC machined from alloy steel, stainless, bronze and aluminum castings to exacting tolerances and treated to withstand corrosion. Gear drives and sealed bearings assure maximum durability with minimal maintenance.

Standard and Optional Accessory Handles

Standard Handle Removed for Overlashing
A: The C2 Lasher is designed with a standard removable front handle (P/N 28142) when overlashing. When removed, a generous 2–1/16 in. (52 mm) opening allows for smooth overlashing to an existing bundle.
B: An optional overlash handle (P/N 28120) is available which can be placed on the front of the machine without any interference of the opening when overlashing.

C2 Cable Lashing Ordering Information:

P/N Description

71422 C2 Cable Lasher .045"
35 lbs.
(15.9 kgs)
71424 C2 Cable Lasher .045"
w/o Strand Lock
35 lbs.
(15.9 kgs)
03165 Bridle Rope Assembly
3 lbs. (1.4 kgs)
07143 Chest Only
11 lbs. (5 kgs)
  C2 Cable Lasher w/Chest
Shipping Weight
49 lbs. (22 kgs)
70190 Towing Lanyard 35 ft. (optional)
(250 lbs. WLL)
6 lbs. (2.7 kgs)
70011 Lasher Guard "Halo" (optional)
3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
28142 Replacement Drive Housing Handle
2 lbs. (.9 kgs)
28120 Optional Accessory Handle
(provides handle when overlashing)
2 lbs. (.9 kg)
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Demo Video

C2 Operations and Maintenance Manual

C Lashers Manufactured before April 2003
use the Original C Lasher parts and Photos List

Lasher Guard "Halo" (optional)
Lasher Guard assembly instructions
Template kit Instructions for modifying older lashers to accept Lasher Guard "Halo"
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