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B Ladder Platform   Is used to provide a sturdy work platform for the craft person performing work from a ladder.

• Consists of a 7 ply 3/4 in. marine plywood seat hinged to a welded pipe frame. The rear edge of the seat and the bottom crossmember of the frame are equipped with spring actuated latches to automatically lock the platform to the ladder rung. B Ladder Platform

• The upper surface of the seat has a non skid finish which provides protection against slipping while working or changing position

• May be used on all aluminum or fiberglass ladders with either round or "D" aluminum rungs. The rung diameters may range from 1 1/4 to 1 5/8 in. (31-41mm) inclusive

• The Model B Ladder Platform is rated for a maximum load of
375 lbs (170kg)

Using the Model B Ladder Platform

Once the ladder is in a raised position, climb the ladder and lift the platform to the desired height. While holding the side rail with one hand, place the lower hooks on the selected rung and lock it in place with the latch. Next, level the seat parallel to the ground and snap the upper hook assembly into the appropriate rung.
The Model B Ladder Platform's design allows fora one hand installation
When working from a seated position, this is usually the third or fourth rung from the top of the ladder. To assume the seated position simply grasp the side rails of the ladder above the platform with both hands. Place the body weight on one foot and turn the body slowly until the body weight can be placed on the platform in a sitting position with the craft person facing the cable.

For a standing position, this is usually the sixth rung from the top of the ladder. To assume this position, grasp the side rails of the ladder above the platform with both hands.

Place one knee on the platform, then the other and rise to a standing position on the platform. Carefully transfer the hands to the suspension strand and turn the body to assume a working position.

NOTE: When working from the platform, it is highly recommended that you use a body belt and safety strap.


Platform: 9 1/2 in. (241mm) D x 18 in. (457mm) W x 3/4 in.
(11mm) H

15 1/2 in. (394mm) D x 18 in. (457mm) W x 3 in.
(76mm) H

B Ladder Platform
P/N 15326
Weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
Click on image above for a larger view of the B Ladder Platform  

How to use instructions

Seat replacement instructions


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